Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator – my new Windows Phone 7 app

My newest Windows Phone 7 app entitled Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator has been published to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

The Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator can help you quickly calculate the total land transfer taxes you will pay to purchase your property.

Simply insert the purchase price of your new residence. The calculator does the rest including calculating provincial land transfer tax rates and what you will save with the first-time homebuyer’s rebate. As well, if you are purchasing a property in Toronto you can determine what your combined land transfer tax rate and first-time homebuyer’s rebate will be.

Use the Ontario Land Transfer Tax Calculator to:
– Confirm the calculations of a real estate professional
– Determine your closing costs
– Calculate your land transfer taxes across the province and within the GTA

Click the button below to download it today!

Download for Windows Phone 7

After you have downloaded it, please go to the app’s About page to add your rating/review.

Finally, visit my page in the Windows Phone Marketplace to see a listing of all my other Windows Phone 7 apps available for download.


About Ken Cenerelli
I am a Programmer Writer, .NET Developer, Microsoft MVP - Visual Studio and Development Technologies, Public Speaker, Blogger, and Microsoft Azure Nerd. I blog regularly at kencenerelli.wordpress.com and can be found on Twitter via @KenCenerelli.

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