Establish a uniform look for all your social media profiles

This post is Day #11 in a series called Personal Branding for Software Developers.

In this article I want to touch on a couple of simple things you can do when you are creating your social networking profiles. Specifically, to make sure all of the information that you share across all your sites is the same everywhere. You need to do this to avoid confusion and to create a unified web presence.

I have touched on the idea in past articles that whatever I wrote about myself on my various social networking profiles I always wrote in a text editor. This was done because it allowed me to compose in a familiar environment and I could use the various review tools to make sure everything was correct. I also did this because whatever I wrote I then set aside for a day or two. After this length of time mistakes would jump out at me and any missing information I needed to add could be done easily. Only once I was happy with my composition did I post it.

However, this format also served me well when I created my biography. Most social networking sites have areas where you can insert biographical information about yourself. This is generally in paragraph form but you can also use point form as well. By composing one biography well, you can then insert the same information – or shortened versions of it if space is at a premium – on every site where you have a profile. By doing so you are creating a uniform look for yourself.

This does not just apply to the biography but also to your headline. My current LinkedIn headline reads: “Senior Software Developer at Alvarnet Corporation | .NET Consultant | Web Developer | Windows Phone 7 Apps Maker.” I spent some time on composing that so I could include all of the keywords important to me. I have since used the same headline – or versions of it – on all my other social media profiles.

As well, I have used the same name – Ken, not Kenneth or Kenny – and the same photo across all of my sites as well. Again, a uniform look means when people see me on one site they know I am the same person from the other sites. My name is pretty unique so people can identify me easily enough but if you are a John Smith or some other common name your uniform look becomes even more important. Using the same headline reassures people that this John Smith is the SharePoint expert I am looking for and not a different one.

A uniform look means you can control the information people learn about you and you create a unified web presence in your social networking circles.

About Ken Cenerelli
I am a technical writer/programmer writer/content developer, .NET developer, Microsoft MVP, public speaker, blogger, and Microsoft Azure nerd. I blog about technology at and am on Twitter via @KenCenerelli.

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