Releasing your Windows Phone 7 app

I want to touch on a simple thing for WP7 app development but it is something that I think is pretty important.

The first few times I deployed an app to the marketplace I found the App Hub Application Submission Walkthrough an excellent source of information. This article gave me the confidence that I had completed all the requirements for a successful submission. While this piece is still valuable Microsoft has moved some of this responsibility from the developer into a utility called the Windows Phone Marketplace Test Kit. Jeff Blankenburg had an excellent article on this tool during his 31 Days of Mango series.

However, the point of this post is to highlight something within the walkthrough that is something of a throwaway line but is one thing that I savour. Under the heading XAP File it says to “Make sure that you’re submitting the Release version of the app.”

I take this line literally. I build my apps under the Debug version until I am fully satisfied that everything is done. This means the code is finished, the testing complete and that I have added all of my custom tile images. I then look forward to building my app under the Release version. To do this I select Release in the Solution Configurations list box.

Solution Configurations

(For more detailed instructions on how to do this see: How to: Build and Deploy a Windows Phone Application Using Visual Studio)

You can also use the Configuration Manager to set the version for the entire solution. To do so choose Configuration Manager from the Solution Configurations dropdown or from the Build menu on the toolbar. You then set the version in the dropdown under Active Solution Configuration.

Configuration Manager

This step gives me the satisfaction that my app is done and completed to the best of my ability. Try it the next time you build an app. It makes completing the job something to look forward to.

If you have any other steps you do before releasing an app let me know by leaving a comment below.

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