ConFoo 2015 Wrap-up

My trip to ConFoo 2015 is now over and the experience was awesome.

This was my first visit to ConFoo in Montreal and it was my first speaking engagement there also. There were over 600 software professionals at the event and while I was there I was able to present my talks on Universal Apps and Application Insights. The slide decks for both talks can be found on my SlideShare profile.

Most talks were in English but many were also in French which makes the conference unique in North America.

I also got to see some excellent talks by:

  • Julia Ouellette (@jooliah) – Prototyping: Beyond the Wireframe
  • Guy Barrette (@GuyBarrette) – Native Cross-Platform Mobile Development with Xamarin
  • Jeremy Cook (@JCook21) – Beyond MVC: from Model to Domain
  • Christian Wenz (@chwenz) – Web Application Security: Lessons Learned
  • Pascal Laurin (@plaurin78) – Behaviour Driven Development with SpecFlow
  • Mario Cardinal (@mario_cardinal) – A Personal Perspective on Architecting Mobile Applications
  • Mike Wood (@mikewo) – Being Efficient with Azure Automation

I have followed many of these people on Twitter for some time so it was nice to finally meet them in person. Especially people like Guy, Pascal and Mario who are voices for Microsoft in the Montreal developer community.

However, I feel the main point of going to conferences is to meet and network with people that you would not interact with in other circumstances. I met Stephanie Evans (@HMSEvans) and Koffi Alain Sessi (@aksessi) from Pluralsight, as well as speakers Martin Gontovnikas (@mgonto) from Argentina, Andrea Giuliano (@bit_shark) from Italy, Chris Cornutt (@enygma) from Texas, Ben Ramsey (@ramsey) from Nashville, and Jordan Kasper (@jakerella) from D.C.

There were also experiences I would have not had either – like visiting Dieu du Ciel for craft beer and swimming in the outdoor heated pool in -27 C (with wind chill) weather (where your face and hair freezes but your body is warm).

ConFoo 2016 will be from Feb 22-26. Follow them on Twitter (@confooca) and check their site regularly for updates throughout the year. And when tickets are released get yours to this world-class conference. You will not be disappointed.

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I am a technical writer/programmer writer/content developer, .NET developer, Microsoft MVP, public speaker, blogger, and Microsoft Azure nerd. I blog about technology at and am on Twitter via @KenCenerelli.

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