CloudDevelop and DetroitDevDay Wrap-Ups

Over the past month I have spoken at two conferences in the United States. While I have presented talks there before, it seemed that fate wanted me in the United States twice within a one-month span.

The first place I presented was Cloud Develop 2015 in Columbus, OH on Friday October 23, 2015. This conference targets developers who work with the cloud and who want to know more about it. I presented my talk on Building High-Performance Software with Application Insights to a room of about 30 people. There were about two hundred attendees and the conference organizers actually sold all of their available tickets. Run by Michael S. Collier and his team, the one-day event was held in the Ohio Union on the beautiful campus of Ohio State University.

WP_20151023_001    WP_20151023_002

The second talk was at DetroitDevDay in Detroit, MI on Saturday November 14, 2015. This one is more of a polyglot conference where computer professionals of all backgrounds can come and learn about all types of technologies. I presented the talk Analyze Your Code With Visual Studio 2015 Diagnostic Tools to about 40 people. There were about 150 attendees at this one-day conference. It is run by Onorio Catenacci and his team of dedicated volunteers. The venue for the event was Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit and it was spectacular. It had amazing views of the Detroit River and nearby Windsor, ON.


The slide decks for both talks are on my SlideShare profile.

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