2016 Year in Review


With the new year upon us, it’s always worthwhile to reflect on the previous year.

So, just like I did last year, I compiled a list of general stats about this blog from 2016:

  • 17 new articles published.
  • 39, 477 visitors with 1.20 page views per visit.
  • Posts on the site received 5 likes and 7 comments.
  • 110 pictures uploaded.
  • The top referring site was StackOverflow.com.
  • There were visitors from 181 countries.
    • More than one-third of all page views came from the United States, followed by India and the United Kingdom.
    • The places with the least visits (one each) were Iran, Anguilla, Liberia, Burkina Faso, Guam, Martinique, Tajikistan, San Marino, Djibouti, Gibraltar, Vatican City, Eritrea.

Top 5 posts written in 2016

These five blog posts, written in 2016, received the most page views:

  1. Azure Infographics and Visio Templates (January 2016)
  2. Create GUID Tool in Visual Studio (January 2016)
  3. Understanding the Azure App Service Editor (December 2016)
  4. Using the Obsolete Attribute in C# (January 2016)
  5. Build Tour Toronto – June 10, 2016 (April 2016)

Top 5 posts from other years

These five posts from earlier years received the most traffic in 2016:

  1. Export an ODBC Data Source from the registry (July 2012)
  2. Using Notepad++ to write C# code (March 2014)
  3. PowerShell: Invoke-WebRequest and URL links (December 2014)
  4. Custom Telemetry Events with TrackEvent in Microsoft Application Insights (June 2015)
  5. Using Microsoft Application Insights in an MVC application (April 2015)

About Ken Cenerelli
I am a technical writer/programmer writer/content developer, .NET developer, Microsoft MVP, public speaker, blogger, and Microsoft Azure nerd. I blog about technology at kencenerelli.wordpress.com and am on Twitter via @KenCenerelli.

3 Responses to 2016 Year in Review

  1. Shanu says:

    Great Review and Looking forward to view all 2017 articles 🙂

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