Azure DocumentDB Query Playground


Azure DocumentDBDocumentDBLogo is Microsoft’s NoSQL database service. It is a document-oriented database that stores schema-free JSON data that can be queried using a SQL-like language. These databases are excellent for developers who want to get their projects up and running quickly.

Saving data to a document collection is one hurdle developers must tackle and the other is retrieving the data back out. Fortunately for us, Microsoft has created a sandbox with sample data to experiment with. Called the Query Playground, the site allows you to run complex queries against test data in an interactive environment.



You can learn the query syntax through topics like Filtering, Order By, Top, Projection, and others. If you want to see the structure of the data, click the Sample Docs link above the Results window. Then once you are ready to create your own custom queries, use the Sandbox tab to retrieve data from the integrated USDA nutrition dataset. As an example, look up information on pasta.


Finally, if you need additional help writing queries using the SQL-like syntax, check out this DocumentDB SQL query cheat sheet PDF.

DocumentDB SQL query cheat sheet PDF


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