My Pluralsight video is now live

For those of you who have been following my most recent posts (My adventures with Pluralsight, My adventures with Pluralsight – UPDATE) related to my Pluralsight experiences, I am happy to say that my AngularJS video with John Papa has now been published!

The video is entitled Play by Play: Learning AngularJS With Ken Cenerelli and John Papa.

The description reads: “2014 brought Pluralsight’s 10th Anniversary, and to celebrate, we gave one of our fans a trip to film a Play by Play with one of our top authors for a pair programming session. This session is an excellent beginner-level introduction to AngularJS hosted by John Papa.

The video was announced with this tweet on October 8, 2014:

Another tweet on October 17, 2014 resulted in a plethora of favorites and re-tweets:

The 90-minute tutorial currently sits at number 12 in the top 100 most popular courses over the last 10 days. It has a rating of 4.5/5 which translates to a “Very Good.”

The video seems to be helping people as this tweet attests:

You will need a Pluralsight subscription to view the entire video. However, Pluralsight does offer a free 10-day trial.

If you wish to view the introduction you can see it here on YouTube: Play by Play: AngularJS tutorial for beginners.

I encourage everyone to check it out. Hopefully you will see the fun I had in making it and learn something about AngularJS along the way!

My adventures with Pluralsight – UPDATE

After my post last week entitled My adventures with Pluralsight, where I detailed my work with John Papa, I received lots of congratulations and re-tweets.

The story was viewed dozens of times and many people started following me through Twitter. The article was also re-tweeted by Pluralsight.

They also posted the story on their Facebook page:

So all in all a pretty fantastic week. Now I just have to be patient and wait for the video come out.

My adventures with Pluralsight

Last weekend, Saturday September 13, 2014 to be exact, @Pluralsight tweeted out a teaser for the upcoming Play By Play video I did with John Papa.

I got a lot of congratulations, profile views and Twitter follows from this tweet. But the biggest question was “How did this happen?”.

So, here is the story of how I got to work with John Papa.

Back in the spring of 2014 Pluralsight was running a contest to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. The rules were you had to state what your favorite Pluralsight course was and why through a tweet. I chose one of John Papa’s courses as my entry.

After all the entries were cast my name got pulled from the pile. Needless to say I was ecstatic.

The next step was to choose which author I wanted to meet and where. I naturally went for John Papa in his hometown of Orlando, Florida. The final step in the puzzle was to choose the topic to discuss. After much discussion we decided to do an Intro to AngularJS talk modeled on the excellent introductory Pluralsight course AngularJS: Get Started by Scott Allen.

We then decided to meet in Orlando in August. We filmed the video in a hotel room at the Swan and Dolphin Resort in Walt Disney World. There was a lot of activity that day but Pluralsight arranged for everything to go smoothly. We had three cameras and two lights for our taping. As you can see in the behind the scenes photo below we had a blast making the video.

Pluralsight taping with Ken Cenerelli and John Papa

After the taping was complete we all went out to a fine French restaurant in Disney’s Epcot Centre to celebrate.

Les Chefs de France

Pluralsight dinner

After touring around Epcot we watched IllumiNations, the nightly fireworks display.


In all John was a gracious host and a fun person to work with. I learned a lot about AngularJS and what makes it a great framework. My wife and I had a great time and we even made it over to Universal Orlando for part of our trip.

Ken Cenerelli and John Papa

So, watch out for my upcoming video from Pluralsight with John Papa with should be available shortly.