Visual Studio 2017 Resources

Visual Studio 2017 was launched March 7, 2017 and this live event was streamed around the world. Excitement for VS 2017 is growing and the number of new changes in the IDE is mind-boggling. To help with these changes, Microsoft has provided a few new resources to help developers.

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Microsoft Technical Guru – December 2015

The TechNet Guru December 2015 Winners have been announced and for another month I was selected as a Technical Guru in multiple categories.

This month I won Gold medals in the Windows PowerShell and Miscellaneous categories:



While another article won a Bronze medal in the Microsoft Azure category:


These wins bring my total number of TechNet Guru medals to:

  • 5 Gold
  • 5 Silver
  • 4 Bronze

for a grand total of 14 medals. You can view this page to see where I rank amongst the winners: TechNet Guru: The Most Frequent Award Winners

Links to my past winning articles and to all my TechNet Wiki activities can be found through my TechNet Wiki User Page.

Thanks to the judges for all their hard work and kind comments. And thank you to everyone at TechNet Wiki who makes this competition possible.

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Azure Infographics and Visio Templates

This article is also available on the Microsoft TechNet Wiki.

This article won a bronze medal in The Microsoft TechNet Guru Awards! (December 2015).

AzureLogoThis page lists infographics/posters and Microsoft Visio templates related to Microsoft Azure.

These infographics are a great tool for learning Azure. They are PDFs that can be downloaded and printed. They measure 26 x 39 in./66.04 x 99.06 cm.

Azure Infographics

Azure Architecture Infographics

Azure Architecture Visio Templates And Tools

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