Open Guelph Hackathon 2015

Open Data Guelph Logo Two weeks ago I participated in the Open Guelph Hackathon 2015. This was the second year in a row that the City of Guelph sponsored a hackathon in conjunction with Open Data Day. However, this year, instead of doing a 24 hour session they did a seven day online hack which was open to all Canadians.


For this year’s hackathon there were four themes – or data sets – that could be used. For my project I chose the Solid Waste Sorting Tool dataset.

Since I was working by myself I focused on building something using the Lean Startup approach. That is, get something working and then iterating on it. So, I used Visual Studio 2013, ASP.NET, C# 4.5, SQL Server 2014 Express, and Bootstrap to create a functional app in the time that I had. For this theme it was also requested that anyone who searched for items in the waste stream that were not listed, that those searches be tracked so the items could be listed in future.

After the projects were submitted, all the participants were invited to appear before the judges either by Skype or in person at Guelph City Hall. I presented my app to Mayor Cam Guthrie and various other stakeholders from the departments who would benefit from the software.

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After several anxious days I was notified I did not win. However, I was glad that I participated and was able to demo my app to the judges. To find out who did win, see this article in The Guelph Mercury.

So, a big thanks goes out to the City of Guelph for hosting this event and to Blair Labelle (@Blair_Labelle), GM of Technology and Innovation for the city, for spearheading the open data initiative in Guelph. I encourage everyone to follow Open Guelph (@OpenGuelph) on Twitter and to participate in next year’s event!

Guelph Open Data app gets press coverage

I recently blogged about my latest Windows Phone 7 smartphone app called Guelph Open Data. Since then I have received some excellent press coverage from all three local newspapers here in Guelph, Ontario.

I have aggregated the links to all three articles below:

Guelph Mercury (Friday May 11 2012) – Smartphone app developed using Guelph open data

Guelph Tribune (Thursday May 17, 2012) – New phone app offers Guelph data

Guelph Review (Friday May 18, 2012) – Guelph becomes an open book

Guelph Open Data – my new Windows Phone 7 app

My newest Windows Phone 7 app entitled Guelph Open Data has been published to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Guelph Open Data can help you find the many recreational facilities available in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

Use Guelph Open Data to find the geographic locations of:
– Parks
– Arenas
– Pools
– Leash-Free Areas

Additional information for each locale can be accessed quickly and easily through the details page. The user can also plot its position using Bing Maps.

The data for this app is provided by the City of Guelph’s Open Data initiative.

Click the button below to download it today!

Download for Windows Phone 7

After you have downloaded it, please go to the app’s About page to add your rating/review.

Finally, visit my page in the Windows Phone Marketplace to see a listing of all my other Windows Phone 7 apps available for download.