Visual Studio 2010 Shortcut Keys

In his excellent book The Productive Programmer author Neal Ford talks about the importance of using the keyboard for most of your coding. He says that always reverting to the mouse will lessen your effectiveness as you can get more done by simple typing.

He also recommends that everyone learn the basic IDE keyboard shortcut commands that we use everyday as a way to speed up this process. This seems like common sense once you read it but many of us reach for the mouse to scan the tool bar for a daily command when we should really be committing it to memory.

I have started to write down the shortcut keys and tips that I am seeing in the articles and books I am reading on Visual Studio 2010 and specifically ASP.NET 4. My goal is to memorize these simple commands and I think by blogging about them I will do just that. I have created a new post tag called Shortcuts that I will associate this and future blog articles on tips under.

If you are looking to get started immediately, look at this list created by Microsoft: Visual Studio 2010 Keybinding Posters It contains all of the reference posters for the default keybindings in Visual Studio 2010 for Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual F#.